About us

‘Anything you can do I can do bleeding’.
Wild Hearts Gang is the brainchild of our founder Anne aka Annie, who created the Wild Hearts Gang for our younger female generation.
I remember starting my periods, I was 12, nearly 13 and I did not have a clue, it was the scariest time and I remember going to school with these huge pads.
Fast forward a good few years and my daughter started hers, again she was about 12, it was about 2005 but it was still a massive taboo.
“Shush she’s started her you know what” is what people used to say.
Sadly, what I’ve learned is, it is still the same in many households today. Astonishingly around 44% of girls that start their periods today do not know what is happening to them. They start their periods before any education about it in school. They are still as embarrassed as girls were in the 80’s.
So, I started to look for something current and educational for my stepdaughter, who is 11 (our first member of the wild hearts gang) and I couldn’t find anything I liked, that was educational, on trend and something to make it all a little easier.
It was then I decided on our first product. the ‘First Period Box’ It contains all the things that are tried and tested in our house when dealing with your first period and all periods after that.
Our aim is to make periods cool, help girls become proud of this next step, talk to each other, talk to adults about all the changes and be part of the best gang is the world. No more taboo, no more shush.
Join us on this journey and help to create our new generation of strong women.